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The Embassy of Japan in the Republic of South Africa is also accredited to
the Kingdom of Eswatini and the Kingdom of Lesotho

The Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects (GGP)

 About GGP

 “G”rant assistance for “G”rass-roots human security “P”rojects (GGP)


The Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) Programme was first introduced as the Small Scale Grant Assistance Programme in 1989. The aim is to assist Non-Profit Organisations (NPO’s) and local authorities by supporting relatively small development projects which have a direct and immediate impact on the well-being of disadvantaged communities at a grass-roots level.
The Embassy of Japan in the Republic of South Africa covers the Republic of South Africa, the Kingdom of Lesotho, and the Kingdom of Eswatini, and deals with applications from these three countries. The site of the proposed project must be located in among the three.


  • Registered NPOs may apply and a copy of the NPO registration certificate must be attached the application form. NPOs here include non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations, education institutions, medical institutions and local governments.
  • Individual or private companies are not eligible to apply.
  • Only one (1) application will be considered per organisation.
  • The applicant organisation must have at least 3 (three) years experience in the sector of the proposed project. The applicant organisation is required to have established sound, sustainable and stable foundations in terms of finance, personnel, project management etc. Therefore, the Embassy cannot fund newly established organisations, pilot projects, initial start-up costs etc.

The relevant application form should be submitted by hand or mailed to the Embassy. Faxed applications are not considered.

Guidelines for completing the 2019 Application Forms

Please read these guidelines before downloading the application forms

  • Kindly ensure that you have the correct application form, as there are specific forms for various sectors. (Education, Health, General)
  • Read all questions and requirements carefully before completing the application form.
  • All answers to the questions must be completed properly and in full. Ensure you have attached all the required documents to your application. Incomplete or illegible on applications will be automatically declined.
  • Ensure that all information provided is correct. Applications containing false information will be automatically declined.
  • Ensure that you have made a copy of your application, including the quotations and attachments, as applications are sometimes lost in the post. Please note that faxed application forms will NOT be accepted.
  • Make sure you clearly indicate the exact total amount of your request.
  • The Embassy will NOT fax application forms to any organisation. Application forms will be on the Embassy’s website.
  • Contact the Embassy if you have any queries or require assistance completing the application.

 Please Note

Due to the large number of applications received during the year, it is not always possible to respond to your application immediately or acknowledge receipt thereof. You will be contacted by telephone or mail if we need additional information in order to consider your proposal.
If you have any questions, please contact ggp@pr.mofa.go.jp
(Please do not use e-mail address on the application forms ) 

Application Forms

All 4 documents are available in Word format: