Ambassador's message


It is my great honour and pleasure to be able to serve in South Africa. During my career, I have been involved in Japan’s foreign policy making with African countries in different positions, including that of Director-General overseeing African affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
South Africa, a G20 member, is one of the countries that are increasing the presence of Africa in the international community and is an important partner for Japan. With  approximately 160 Japanese companies operating in South Africa which significantly contributes to job creation and skills development, Japan and South Africa are continuously exploring further cooperation in fields such as natural resources, energy, climate change and science and technology. Our two countries have also maintained a long lasting relationship at grassroots level in cultural, academic and sporting spheres. In this context, the year 2022 was significant for our relationship in that TICAD 8 and the Japan-South Africa Partnership Forum were held. Looking ahead, the year 2025 will be full of opportunities to deepen our ties, such as TICAD 9, the World Exposition in Osaka and the G20 under the presidency of South Africa. We will strive to advance political and economic cooperation and to provide opportunities for our people to enhance their interaction and exchange at every level.
The Embassy of Japan and I are committed to strenghthen relations between Japan and South Africa.